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Pwllheli is a beautiful coastal town located in Gwynedd, Wales. With its stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant local culture, it attracts a significant number of tourists every year. Establishing a hotel business in Pwllheli can be a promising venture due to the area's popularity as a tourist destination. 

Johnsons Hotel linen are here to support your hotel as together we contribute to the town's growing tourism industry.

Pwllheli was the first factory opened by Afonwen, taking its name from the river next to our plant. Prior to the building of the new Leeds factory Pwllheli processed work for the Leeds depot and became part of Johnson Service Group in April, 2016 as previously part of the Afonwen group.  Afonwen consisted of Pwllheli, Reading and Cardiff which had been founded in 1935. Cedri and his team provide linen services to all different types of customers in North Wales and surrounding areas.

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Cedri Lloyd

Cedri Lloyd

General Manager

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During the week we do not provide emergency cover beyond normal office hours as you should know well before 4pm if you think you’re in a pickle and need some extra linen for the next day's delivery! If we are closed, please use your normal contact details for follow up the next working day.

For all emergency requests for linen at the weekend out of normal office working hours - after 3pm on Saturday until 3pm on Sunday - we have emergency out of hours service via email which will go to the duty manager who will do their best to help for any emergency Sunday deliveries or make genuine emergency adjustments to deliveries schedules to be made on Monday, if that's essential.

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