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Production facilities

Our investment in new state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment improves production efficiency as well as reduces energy consumption. If you’d like to see our amazing process, as well as our fully automated quality control system in action, please get in touch to arrange a visit – we’d be proud to show you around.

State of the art production

We have 10 strategically located production facilities, enabling us the widest possible production capability and coverage as well as contingency and back up to support each site. In 2021, we completed investing over £10 million in our new production facility in Leeds. It’s an investment that improves our efficiency, reliability and quality of service and sets us apart from our competitors in offering modern, efficient, high quality production facilities.

Infrastructure Infrastructure

We’re at the leading edge of automatic quality control systems

Our Equipment

We work closely with all our supply chain and are committed to transitioning to an even more sustainable procurement model and increasing the volume of sustainable products we offer to our customers. Developing long-term, strategic and cost effective partnerships with our suppliers are key objectives, with many stretching back over a number of years. 

A strategic replacement programme is operated not only for the replacement of linen that has come to the end of it’s life, but that of our plant and equipment. Machinery and plant replacement is dependent on operating hours and will be different for each plant with innovation, improved efficiency and sustainability being at the forefront of investment. This year will see the trial of robotic towel folders within our business, as well as various plans to reduce both carbon and water.

Our Group IT department has supported Johnsons Hotel Linen in the development of monitoring the efficiency of our plant and machinery, providing useful information to assist with investment, as well as hourly performance. There are further business tools currently being developed to continue to support the business.

We have also installed quality monitoring equipment as an additional feature to our ironer lines which monitor product quality, rejecting those unfit for purpose.

The overall layout, environment and facilities provided within our plants are of utmost importance. We invest in providing café style canteen facilities, outside picnic areas, air flow systems and clean and tidy work areas across our business.

Our Vehicles

Our large fleet operates with mainly LGV vehicles and is supported by the use of. a number of tractor and tailer units, all of which are manufactured to our specification. The livery of our vehicles has recently been updated, with all new vehicles being fitted with driver facing, front facing, reversing and 360 degree cameras to provide our drivers with as much opportunity to avoid collisions and stationary objects.

We monitor the efficiency of our fleet via the use of telematics and have a structured replacement programme.


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We have built up a reputation through our reliable, innovative service. Our long standing staff always strive to work hard, offering impeccable customer service.

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