Production Facilities

We have 9 strategically located production facilities, enabling us the widest possible production capability and coverage as well as contingency and back up to support each site. In 2021, we’ve completed investing over £10 million in our new production facility in Leeds. It’s an investment that improves our efficiency, reliability and quality of service and sets us apart from our competitors in offering modern, efficient, high quality production facilities.

At Johnsons Hotel Linen we have over 27 giant continuous washing machines that each wash 50-85kg of linen every two minutes of the working day, or 780kg of linen washed every minute of the working day!

Unloading of soiled linen/60kg of linen automatically delivered to the washer!

We have 50 ironers each specialising in processing key products and we have total flexibility to put different products through different ironers so even when there is preventative maintenance work scheduled we can keep working

Ironing line
Ironing line Our team help feed your linen into high quality ironing machines

We also have over 50 automatic towel folding machines use incredible air blasting technology to fold our towels perfectly straight, minimising human involvement and ensuring they’ll look beautifully folded every time.

Quality control
Quality control We’re at the leading edge of adopting automatic quality control systems to deliver high quality

Johnsons Hotel Linen was also the first linen hire company in the world to install a fully automatic quality control scanning technology system on every ironing line that we have. This monitoring process means all items that don't meet our standards are rejected and never reach the customer. We’re proud of the fact we’ve more scanners than any other laundry company in the world! We’re the scanning company’s biggest customer globally and committed to delivering a consistency of quality that no one else can match.

Carefully sorting
Carefully sorting Our staff check and sort linen before sending to the packing team

We’re confident that if you see this amazing process in action you’ll want to work with us. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

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